Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to make White Sauce For White Sauce Pasta Recipe

White Sauce Pasta Recipe Ingredients

Black Pepper Powder- a pinch
Milk- 2 bowl/500ml
All purpose flour – 2 tea spoon
Butter- 2 spoons/20gm
Onion- 1/2
Garlic- 2-3 buds
Salt- 1/2 tea spoon

Method of Cooking White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Firstly take a deep pan put 500 ml of milk in it and put some chopped garlic and onion in it . Other than fresh garlic and onion you can also use its powder in white sauce of pasta.
After milk get boiled, strain it and remove pieces of onion and garlic.
Now heat up frying pan, put some butter in it let it melt. After butter get melt put all purpose flour to it. Cook all purpose flour to reduce its raw flavour but not let it turn yellow as we want it white for our white sauce. Roast flour on low flame only.

After that put milk into it which we already boiled and flavoured with onion and garlic. Mix milk well with flour. Stir them continuously as there should not be any clumps in it. Add little salt and black pepper to it, mix it and now our white sauce for pasta is ready. You can keep this sauce for a day in refrigerator.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Eggless Cake Special Christmas Recipes 2015

Hello friends first of all merry Christmas to all from our meenusmenu Team, So Today We are Preparing some Christmas recipes for you...

Are you ready to learn Christmas recipes...?
Here you can find Customary Christmas fruit cake (a must have for Christmas) and many other easy to bake cakes and cookies. Even if you do not have an oven, you can still enjoy this Christmas by making cakes as we have steamed cake recipe also. Soon you will find more cakes recipes and other methods of baking cakes. Stay tuned! 
What Ingredients needed to make eggless cake recipe for Christmas?

Eggless Dry Fruit Cake Recipe Ingredients

Maida (All-purpose Flour) – 1 Bowl
Milk Powder- 1/2 bowl
Sugar Powder – ½ bowl
White butter – ½ bowl
Milk – ½ bowl
Baking powder – ½ spoon
Baking soda- ¼ spoon
Dryfruits and cherries as per your need
Almond or Pineapple essence – ¼ spoon
Learn How to make eggless Dry Fruit Cake Recipe – Here – Eggless Cake Recipe

If You have any other Christmas Special Recipes then Kindly Share with us.. :P J

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to Make South Indian Sambhar Recipe

Sambhar Recipe, South Indian Sambhar Recipe, How to Make South Indian Sambhar Recipe - Sambhar is a standout amongst the most renowned formula of South Indian Cuisine. For some every dish from south India has a blend with Sambhar, it is not genuine but rather this demonstrates the fame of Sambhar. Here you can read gathering of south Indian formulas by me :)!
Sambhar Recipe

Sambhar is a vegetable lentil stew which is comprised of diverse heartbeats or lentil with vegetables. Generally sambhar is known for its tart flavor in North India, however in the event that you taste sambhar of South Indian state Kerala then this tart myth will likewise separate.
 In my article on I share my sambhar recipes and tips for flawless sambhar, yet as of late I got numerous messages that they can't get sambhar masala at their place so by what method would they be able to make sambhar masala at home. So be persistent for this answer I will soon share flawless flavor blend to make sambhar masala at home just.
 Till then visit my site which is loaded with Indian veggie lover formulas and with that some different cooking styles. 
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